Discount Animal Supplies Lysterfield carries Australia's original and most trusted feeds in a variety of different formulas. Whether you are caring for your race horse or your riding horse, we have the best selection of products to suit your different needs!
  • Hygain Honey B

    Hygain Honey B

  • Hygain Micrspeed

    Hygain Micrspeed

  • Hygain Tru Care

    Hygain Tru Care

  • Hygain Allrounder

    Hygain Allrounder

  • Hygain Ice

    Hygain Ice

  • Hygain Grand Prix

    Hygain Grand Prix

  • Mitavite XLR8

    Mitavite XLR8

  • Farrier's Formula Double Strength

    Farrier's Formula Double Strength

  • Combi Chaff

    Combi Chaff